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Hi, I'm Rosemary.  I know you are ready for change, and I would love to walk with you on your personal journey to health and wellness.  I specialize in helping you take baby steps to make permanent, lasting changes in your life. Whether you desire enjoying energy levels like you’ve never had—or want to get through your day with joy and ease, I can help with your journey. 

I continually strive to provide cutting-edge solutions to support you, whether you receive help via QRI® Cold Lasers or QRI Coaching, Myofascial Release® or Nutritional Balancing®.  Additionally, I can help you access your hidden potentials by individualized discovery sessions where you discover and heal the root cause of any unwanted emotions or behaviors using techniques via Now-Living- Potentials.  I offer practical, affordable natural solutions for you and/or your family. In your home, phone or Skype.  I would love to meet you! 

Rosemary Slade, OTR, PLLC