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Chronic Pain Relief

Restoring Function

Do you suffer from chronic pain?  We all want to feel good, and I can help you.  When I place my hands on you to do body work, I intuitively know how to find the problem fast.  After two decades continuously learning new techniques as an occupational therapist, I quickly pinpoint challenges and know exactly what to do to fix the problem. 
Initially, we discuss your situation and develop a plan for our sessions. Within each 90 to 120 minute long session, I blend Myofascial Release, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, the Theiss Method*, and Quantum Reflex Integration using the (QRI) Harmonic Cold Laser to restore neurological connections, enhance muscle movement and reducing the anxiety and fear trauma that often accompany pain. 

Other elements often incorporated include customized aromatherapy, gemstones, sound, and color for optimum individual healing. Afterwards, I may recommend some essential oils for you to work with, or create a custom blend for your use. Finally, I show you some follow-up exercises to do at home to strengthen and reinforce the work we do in our sessions. 

As with all body work, it is very important to drink plenty of good, clean water before and especially after your sessions to hydrate your body and flush out toxins. Click HERE to learn all about the importance of water and one resource for getting the best water filtration I have found.

I wrote an interesting article about water. Click HERE to read the article. 

*I am honored to have been the only student of Virgil Theiss, a master at body work who designed this method and supervised my studies for over 700 hours in Spring, TX.  This is in the same class as Myofascial Release and Rolfing.