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Natural Pet Care​​

Like us, our animal companions suffer from nutritional deficiencies and toxins stemming from poor diet, their environment, vaccines, and possibly lack of exercise.  Most commercial animal foods are extremely low in minerals, packed with junk fillers, and an improper food combination contributes to ill health. 

Some pet owners believe they can feed their animals raw meat/vegetables, dairy products, vegetable oils, grains or fruits, but none of these allow them to absorb the nutrients they need and some actually have their own toxins. 

Parasites are another problem, especially in cats, and if we don’t change the overall environment within the body, parasitic drugs only kill temporarily. Here are a couple of articles to learn more about dogs and cats.

For all pets, hair mineral analysis will reveal toxins and mineral levels/deficiencies to determine the best foods and supplements for your animal companions.
Dog Tear Stains

My two year old 12 pound Malti-Poo had the most horrendous tear stains . Rust on white looked awful. I also thought she had "allergies" because her eyes teared constantly. I used to keep a towel nearby to dry her muzzle off repeatedly during the day. Her tear stains and "allergies" are a thing of the past since I put her on a complete Nutritional Balancing program. No more stains!  Yay!

Nutritional Balancing for Dogs, Cats, Horses & Other Pets