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Nutritional Balancing

Nutritional Balancing is a holistic approach to vitality and wellness that is fully designed for your unique body and lifestyle. This is a pathway to gently detoxifying and restoring your body and mind to its full potential. In this approach, less is more. 

Balancing the Minerals in Your Body

According to Dr. Paul Eck, the body is made up of minerals and they are the “sparkplugs” or basis of all life.  Every living cell is derived totally of minerals and mineral-based compounds. Dr. Lawrence Wilson  has continued this valuable work since Dr. Eck's passing. 

Our bodies function their best when minerals are “in balance”, as they impact energy levels, hormones, and metabolism as well as a host of other symptoms.

What is a hair mineral analysis and how do I know if I need this?

Hair mineral analysis is highly individualized because it is a direct reflection of your personal body chemistry. Like a mirror, the mineral content in your hair reflects the mineral content of cells throughout your body.  Each mineral should exist within a specific range, and this is tested through a properly performed hair mineral analysis. 

Here are just a few of common signs of mineral imbalances:

  • PMS headaches are often caused by too much copper
  • Acne can be caused by lead or copper poisoning, or zinc deficiency
  • Hyperactivity and multiple sclerosis are linked to excessive lead in the body
  • Bipolar disorder is often linked to copper and mercury toxicity
  • Autism , PDD, and ADD may indicate lead, mercury, manganese, aluminum and copper toxicity
  • Obesity is frequently caused by chronic blood sugar problems
  • Insomnia has been linked to calcium, zinc, and magnesium deficiencies
  • Mood swings may be caused by toxic metals like cadmium, lead, and mercury
  • Depression can be elevated copper, zinc deficiency, and exhausted adrenal glands
  • Anxiety is related to copper toxicity
  • Hair loss is related to copper imbalance/toxicity
  • Fertility/infertility may be related to zinc in men and heavy metals and toxic chemicals in women

Issues with Digestion ( GERD , acid reflux , constipation , diverticulitis , Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS , Chron’s Disease and even heart disease ) are correlated with eating the wrong diet. About 80% of us lack the proper digestive enzymes and stomach acids to digest the foods we eat!

We all know it is less than easy to eat a balanced healthy diet, so the idea of having all our mineral levels analyzed and printed out to us in a report can feel a bit intimidating…OK even quite intimidating.  Instead, we try to diagnose ourselves and go to health store to get supplements to treat this or that, hoping they work. In short, hair mineral analysis takes away the guess work, and repeating the analysis a couple of times each year keeps us on the right path.

Facts about Nutrition​​

We all want to feel good, and it is surprising how long we can go without addressing the fact that we are what we eat.  Period.  Even those of us eating the cleanest of diets (even organic!) still consume hundreds of toxins and heavy metals .  Here are some surprising facts:

  • The average American baby is born with some 270 chemicals in his/her umbilical cord
  • Chlorine and heavy metals like aluminum , fluoride , and copper are routinely added to public water systems for us to absorb through drinking, cooking, and bathing.  Learn more HERE
  • Airplanes still use lead ed fuel, the waste of which rains down on us
  • Wheat crops are sprayed with Round-Up two weeks before harvest.  The body’s reaction to this is often diagnosed as celiac (gluten intolerance)
  • All rice/rice products are contaminated with chemicals and arsenic through their root systems
  • By 2025, it is estimated that 1 in 2 children will be diagnosed with autism
  • Currently, 1 in 3 people are diagnosed with cancer

Enough scary statistics … you get the idea.  Consider the impact of this on our organs, blood, tissue, and brain.  Now you see why I have become so passionate about not just eating “healthy foods” but actually detoxifying the body and using meditation techniques to cleanse the mind.

Certified in Nutritional Balancing Science , I have helped autistic children (many of whom have methylation and MTHFR challenges) and their families for decades.   I know the difference nutrition can make.  I am also a living testimonial for nutritional balancing and access to clean water using a Big Berkey water filter .

What have you got to lose … besides pain, fogginess, and weight?   


Detoxification is important for us to eliminate toxic metals , toxic forms of minerals , hundreds of toxic chemicals , biological toxins ( bacteria, viruses, fungi or yeasts, and parasites ) from our bodies.  It is also important to address emotional and mental toxins like anger , fear and anxiety , and fixed ideas or obsessive compulsive disorders .  

Detoxifying ourselves via certain protocols can be gentle, affordable, and done in the privacy of your own home. 

One of Dr. Wilson’s main detox methods is actually the diet outlined here. 

Other methods like saunas using near-infrared light therapy, gentle skin brushing, foot reflexology, and more can be found by clicking the appropriate hyperlink above, along with detailed explanations for each.


The most powerful part nutritional balancing is its unique form of meditation. 

Called “ the pushing down exercise ,” this exercise creates awareness, grounds you, develops your will, and helps spin your energy centers, or chakras correctly. 

Unlike common forms of meditation, this is active, forceful, and somewhat intense. It causes relaxation later, but not while you’re doing it. 

Learn more HERE .  

Nutritional Balancing for Animals

Like us, our animal companions suffer from nutritional deficiencies and toxins stemming from poor diet, their environment, vaccines, and possibly lack of exercise.  Most commercial animal foods are extremely low in minerals, packed with junk fillers, and an improper food combination contributes to ill health. 

Some pet owners believe they can feed their animals raw meat/vegetables, dairy products, vegetable oils, grains or fruits, but none of these allow them to absorb the nutrients they need and some actually have their own toxins. 

Parasites are another problem, especially in cats, and if we don’t change the overall environment within the body, parasitic drugs only kill temporarily. Here are a couple of articles to learn more about dogs and cats.
For all pets, hair mineral analysis will reveal toxins and mineral levels/deficiencies to determine the best foods and supplements for your animal companions.
Dog Tear Stains

My two year old 12 pound Malti-Poo had the most horrendous tear stains. Rust on white looked awful. I also thought she had "allergies" because her eyes teared constantly. I used to keep a towel nearby to dry her muzzle off repeatedly during the day. Her tear stains and "allergies" are a thing of the past since I put her on a complete Nutritional Balancing program. No more stains!  Yay!


Pricing includes:  Lab fees, Lab test results (ARL) in a booklet form, protocol and supplementation designed by Dr. Wilson, additional  Lab Fees, Lab Test Results Report in Booklet form, Additional test insights from Dr. Wilson not covered on your lab test results and customized protocol and Supplementation by Dr. Wilson.

Initial Hair Mineral Analysis:  $225.00
Retest: $200.00
Animal: $150.00  (excludes ARL test result booklet)


If you are looking for personalized coaching where you are treated fairly, promptly and with individualized services, I am here to help.  I only work with those serious about taking their health to the next level and am committed to helping you suceed to the best of your ability.  I am here for you.