Better Living With Rosemary
Occupational Therapy Services

For Families​

I partner with you and your child in the comfort of your own home. I use a variety of modalities. Let me use my expertise to help your family weave practical interventions into your daily routines for improved success in life. I help create a shift from the focus of “what is broken” to “what is working”. 

I work extensively with those on the autism spectrum, those with significant eating disorders—"picky eaters", those with sensory integration challenges and those with academic challenges.  Age ranges from infant to 21. I do "hands on" therapy and offer consultation to families.

  • Quantum Reflex Integration, using the Harmonic Cold Laser has significantly improved overall function with every child I have had the honor to work with, because primitive reflex integration addresses the building blocks of development
  • Feeding Therapy using Beckman Oral Motor techniques among other interventions significantly helps those with eating issues
  • Nutritional Balancing and improving overall nutrition step by step is always helpful with "picky" eaters and everyone
  • Sensory Integration strategies custom designed with your child and your environment in mind—a "sensory diet"
  • Therapeutic Listening to enhance your child's ability to attend to task

Consultation and practical strategies to enhance your daily life. 
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