Better Living With Rosemary
QRI Coaching Services:

I attended the three day QRI class led by  in Houston a few months ago and it was incredible! Rosemary is a wealth of information on QRI (as well as a million other wellness/OT things) and I learned SO much! My son has also attended several private OT sessions with Rosemary with incredible results. I highly recommend her services.       NF, USA, Jan. 2018

Rosemary Slade came to our home and gave us one to one coaching when I first bought my laser couple of years ago; and before I attended my first live class with Bonnie. I have also had the pleasure of attending QRI Advanced Classes with Rosemary.  She is an AMAZING OT with a WEALTH of information on QRI, Nutrition,Sensory name it! Most of all, Rosemary has a heart of Gold; and such a calming spirit; and is such a great coach! I am so excited you have decided to offer this service Rosie! So many families can benefit from your coaching their specific situation via Skype.  Folks, if families in a certain city can "Village Up" and share costs...Rosemary can travel to you'all!!! Soooo many more kids can be helped!  This is just AWESOME, AWESOME news for QRI families all around the world!          CS, USA, Jan 2018

Rosemary Slade coaching with me is very great ! Thank you. :) VT, Malaysia, Feb 2018

Just wanted to add another testimonial for Rosemary Slade's coaching sessions. I'm new to QRI and it was *tremendously* helpful to have a 2-hour session with Rosemary via Skype, walking me through questions I had on particular protocols (hands grasping), how best to integrate QRI into our particular situation, etc. This is a wonderful and easy way to get feedback and support if you're not located near a practitioner—I plan to schedule some follow-up appointments once we've settled in further! Thanks, Rosemary!  SJ, USA Feb 2018

I had the pleasure to Skype with Rosemary Slade yesterday and just during one hour she managed to clarify many things for me, provided useful tips and set out a goal for us to achieve. And above all, she's a delight to speak to! Thank you Rosemary  TM, Europe, Feb 2018

Body Work and QRI Laser:

You are SO gifted and any time I have an injury or pain, you are my FIRST call!!! Your perspective and knowledge as an occupational therapist combined with your accurate intuition and unique blend of energy work modalities with lasers allows a client to receive a lot of deep healing within a single appointment, though I know I'll have more just to continue the process.  Feel free to quote me on that!   SS, Texas, 2017

Nutritional Balancing:

Nutritional Balancing has brought awareness into my eating and many lifestyle habits.  I no longer crave sweets that fed my sugar addiction so that alone makes me happy not to have the ups and downs of the cravings.  I am also no longer cold all the time and my headaches have all but disappeared. Rosemary has been a blessing offering encouragement and support when I needed it. I am looking forward to continued improvements!        JS, Texas, 2017